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Add a required reading

Below the area you enter URLs, you will see the lessons listed for required readings. You can add required readings for individual lessons by clicking on the 'Add new' link beside each lesson, as per the figure below.

You will then see a space with six text entry boxes open up below the unit you chose. You will need to fill each text box.

The text entry boxes are:

A. Medium/Type- select from this list box the type of medium in which your reading exists. For example: audio clip, book, web site.

B. Order - enter the position at which you want this reading to display in a list of readings. For example, 1 will be at the top of the list and a high number will be near the bottom of the list. It is a good idea to order entries in intervals of 5 so that changes can be made easily.

C. Author - enter the author of your reading.

D. Title - enter the title of your article, site, etc. A new feature has been added to this section, which allows you to indent or italicize the text in the title. Indenting is useful if you have a very long title, and would like it to indent in the listing as in an APA or MLA bibliographic entry format. To indent, click the button beside the indent icon. To italicize a portion of the title text, highlight the text you would like to italicize and then click on the 'Italic' icon. The highlighted text will then be accompanied by the appropriate HTML code needed for that text to appear in italics when it is displayed in the 'Student View'.

E. URL/Web Address - enter the Internet address where this reading is located

F. Description - enter a short description about your reading or resource. You may create links within your description text by highlighting a portion of the text with your mouse that you would like to make into a link, and then clicking on the 'Link' icon. A pop-up window will then appear in which you may enter the URL address of the link (making sure to include the 'http://' portion of the URL). You may also create bold sections of the text by highlighting a section of the text and then clicking on the 'Bold' icon. This will insert the appropriate HTML code to make your text appear bold in the 'Student View'.


Click the 'Save' icon above the 'Order' text box to save your changes. If you would prefer to change your entries back to what they were previously, if you had entered information in this section before and were going to change it, click on the 'Revert' icon instead of the 'Save' button. This will change all the entries back to what they had been previously. If you had not entered any information previously for this section, clicking on the 'Revert' icon will clear the section.

Once you have clicked the 'Save' icon, the new required reading will be listed. You may also note that there are edit and delete options at the right of the reading; once the course is in production, these options are removed for required readings. A new feature that has been added to this section is the 'Central Link' option. This appears beside each of the required readings.

The central link allows you to keep track of how many times the reading has been accessed by your students by tracking the number of times that the link is clicked. This number is displayed underneath the 'Central Link' option (i.e. "4 clicks", "0 clicks", "55 clicks", etc.). The central link will automatically be created as the URL that you entered in the 'Web Address' text box when you created the new required reading.


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