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Set course sub-structure

The course sub-structure section allows you to create sub-sections such as units within your course, and allows you to define what you would like these sections to be called (e.g. units, chapters, categories, sections, levels, divisions, weeks, etc.). To divide your course into categories or units, click on the 'Edit' icon to the right of 'No Course Sub-structure Set' (as displayed in the figure above). Determine how you would like the readings to be divided up in your course (e.g. whether as units, chapter, module, etc.). Enter the label you use for each part of the course in the text box beside 'Course Structure' (for example, 'Lesson', as in the figure below). Enter the total number of structures (i.e. Lessons) in the next text box.

Click on the 'Submit Structure' button to save the changes. If you entered 'Lesson' and '5', it will display 5 lessons for editing, and expand the Required Readings and Supplementary Materials sections as below.


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