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You may search for materials within your course homepage, the section in which your page is located, or all of the Digital Reading Room files by selecting the appropriate option from the 'Search' box on the left hand side of your homepage screen. Students may also access this search feature from the 'Student View'.

To use the search feature, type a keyword into the 'Search' box, select where you would like to search for the keyword, and then click the 'Search' button.

The list of search results that appears is ranked according to how relevant the item is to your keyword, and is shown by the number of Athabasca University icons that appear after your search results. So, for example, 11 icons would indicate a high relevancy, and this item would be the first listing in your search results. A lower relevancy will have only 6 icons, etc.

To access the resource from the search results, click on the link that appears beside the number of the search result. If the resource is a web site, this link will redirect to that web site. If it is a file that is not accessible via the web, such as a reading that may be borrowed from the Athabasca University Library, clicking on the link beside the search result number will bring the user to a form in which they may fill out information to request to borrow this reading from the AU Library. If instructors have included hyperlinks within the description text of the resource, this link may be clicked on within the search results in order to access that weblink.




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