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Checking links

When viewing your course in 'Admin View', you will be able to see the 'Check Links' link underneath the 'Admin Tools' section on the left hand side of the page. When you click on this button, the DRR will check all of the links that you have included in your home page to ensure that they are not broken. After you click on the 'Check Links' link, a message will display under the 'Central Link' link that appears beside the required readings you have entered.

For example: if a link is not broken, 'valid link' will display underneath 'Central link' and the number of times it has been clicked by students. If the link is broken (i.e. an 'error 404' message comes up or the page cannot be displayed), the message 'Broken link' will appear underneath the 'Central Link' link.

Important Notes

The link checker cannot properly check all links. Links requiring authentication (such as journal databases we subscribe to) cannot be verified. The code for these will be reported as "Forbidden Site." These links need to be checked individually.

The link checker also cannot handle links with spaces. This is a rare occurrence, but sometimes occurs with badly named files. These will be reported as broken but they may be valid.



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