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The Digital Reading Room (DRR) provides access to library and other digital resources that have been selected for participating courses. The DRR is a searchable database and can be used to locate material from other courses and disciplines. As a result, the DRR is a useful tool for students who are writing papers and need to find subject specific information.

Students will find resources in a variety of formats, including online journal articles, electronic books, audio clips, video clips, and Web sites. Much of the information can be accessed with a click of the mouse. Some resources are listed under a "Required" heading and students in the course are expected to consult these. Materials listed under a "Supplementary" heading are optional, and are included to enhance understanding and encourage further exploration of course topics.

As well as the DRR, students are encouraged to explore the many online resources available through the AU Library Web site, particularly the rich collection of full text journal articles available through the Library's Databases page. AU Library has access to more than 23,000 online full text journals, giving students immediate access to current, relevant, and scholarly research.

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